Our History



The history of New Cote Brilliante Church of God is an awesome one, beginning with a small group of saints who felt the call to begin a new work in January, 1989.  This was not the initial intent, but the Lord orchestrated it after the Cote Brilliante Church of God moved to the facility that is now the Riverview Church of God.  Those saints that did not transition began meeting in the home of Lee and Mary Cochran located at 4731 Lee Ave.  The number of people began to increase each week as the Lord was forming this new ministry and it quickly outgrew the Cochran home.

The first worship service was held in the Coliseum building at 3601 Goodfellow Blvd. on January 22, 1989 with 114 people in attendance. In the initial stages of organization, the church was registered with Church of God Ministries for the State of Missouri and recognized as a Church of God (Anderson, IN) congregation.  Many ministers and pastors from across the country advised and shared the Word of God with this new congregation. Churches donated hymnals, choir robes, and many assisted this new ministry with prayers and financial support.

Rev. Curtis Barge was unanimously affirmed to be the interim pastor early in 1989.  Under Pastor Barge, the church grew as souls were saved in this new work.  In January, 1990, Joseph Eikerenkoetter, Jr. became pastor as he had worked faithfully with Rev. Barge.  The church continued to grow under Pastor Eikerenkoetter’s ministry and reached a membership of just over 100 members.  During that time the church was suddenly forced to find a new place to worship.

Thanks to God’s goodness and the generosity of the Officer Family, they found that place.  Mother Myrtle Officer extended to them the use of their funeral home chapel at 1905 Union Blvd for 18 months, free of charge!  They were truly a blessing as they allowed the church to use their facility as if it was their own.  It was amazing how God transformed the Officer Mortuary into a Holy Sanctuary.
In February, 1991, Miki Merritt became pastor.  The Lord quickly and miraculously blessed his young ministry.  The church continued to grow and began searching for its own facility.  It was not long before the Lord did a quick work and they were leaving the plush Officer Chapel. They marched into the present church edifice at 6195 Washington Boulevard formerly owned by the Delmar Baptist Church. The first worship service was celebrated in the new building on June 30, 1991.  What a mighty God we serve! 

Under Pastor Merritt’s visionary leadership, the church continues to grow numerically and spiritually having an increasing impact on the community it serves and lives it touches.